Fearless Home Features – October

This month I’m going to skip mention of what month it is, because I’m in denial (and trying to sustain that denial as long as possible) that winter is coming. Whether or not you watch Game of Thrones, it’s still true. If you’re in the northern hemisphere anyway. But I digress…suffice it to say that whatever month it is, it’s time for a round-up of October features from the #fearless home Instagram feed.

To bring any newcomers up-to-speed, #fearlesshome is an Instagram hashtag I host along with some very of talented bloggers–Arielle of Scotch & Nonsense, Cassie of Cassie Bustamante, Kimberly of Swoon Worthy, and Jenna of Rain on a Tin Roof. The purpose of the tag is to showcase the bold, different, weird, and wonderful things you guys are doing in their homes. Put briefly, I like to think this feed is an crash course in decorating with panache. Bright and moody, color, pattern, texture, planty-crazy, gallery-walls galore–you can find it all (and much, much more) in the #fearlesshome feed. I highly recommend you check it out yourself! Here are a few of my favorites from last month.

This oh-so-chic vignette from Natasha (@natasha_habermann) includes a Craigslist score that her mom made even more amazing with a coat of blue paint. The black/white/blue combo is sooo killer! Natasha is one of my favorite Instagrammers, and I guess this just goes to show fabulousness is at least partly genetic.


Even from this tiniest of sneak peeks, I am SO intrigued by Ashley’s (@biggerthanthethreeofus) new dining room wallpaper. Going all out for a shibori-print wallpaper is wayyyy bold, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Ashley rocks the whole design.


Just to be clear that fearlessness comes in all shapes, sizes, and quantities, I submit to you this wonderful entryway vignette by Nicole (@dezaarinteriors). Just one item can make such an impact! And if you have a piece of yellow furniture of any variety, you definitely get #fearlesshome cred from me.


I know how tempting it is to go neutral in an area like the kitchen, but I absolutely love how Michelle (@michellecgage) amped it up with her multi-colored backsplash. The use of different colored tile creates so much interest, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s in one of my very favorite color palettes.


Thanks so much to everyone who shared this month! I found myself thinking of this feed and all of you as I faced the prospect of painting my fireplace. Paint doesn’t make me nervous too often, but given the permanence of paint on brick, I don’t mind telling you I was SCARED. I really did actively think about all the great design I see in #fearlesshome and reminded myself–you have to take a chance. Hopefully I’ll get around to sharing the end result soon, and when I do, you will find it right there in #fearlesshome feed. I hope to see you there!

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Fearless Home Features – September

I’m pretty sure I start this post every month with some kind of expression of incredulity that another month has passed, but alas it is (somehow?!) October, which means it’s time for a round-up of September features from the #fearless home Instagram feed. To bring any newcomers up-to-speed, #fearlesshome is an Instagram hashtag I host along with some very of talented bloggers–Arielle of Scotch & Nonsense, Cassie of Cassie Bustamante, Kimberly of Swoon Worthy, and Jenna of Rain on a Tin Roof. The purpose of the tag is to showcase the bold, different, weird, and wonderful things you guys are doing in their homes. Put briefly, I like to think this feed is an crash course in decorating with panache. Bright and moody, color, pattern, texture, planty-crazy, gallery-walls galore–you can find it all (and much, much more) in the #fearlesshome feed. I highly recommend you check it out yourself! Here are a few of my favorites from last month.

Does everyone dream of a fabulous printed couch like Veda’s (@thedanielstreetworkshop) or is that just me? Together with the mix of pillows and the colorful rug, this set up is pure fun!


There were a few great posts this month from Shavonda (@sgardenerstyle) of her newly painted black living room, but this one (ie, the one with the oversized tapestry of fabulousness) takes the cake for me. Black in a main living space! Talk about bold moves.


I am so very into this crazy chic hallway by Maren (@villabetulablog). I love the white painted floors and the moody plum on the walls, doors, and trim. It is a look for sure, but such a stylish one. I feel like if I had this hallway in my house, I would suddenly wake up one day as an extremely fabulous European woman. It’s an odd and irrational non-sequitur, but I can’t help thinking it would be great.


Holt wow, I love this bold but understated shot by Fiona (@around_houses). The dark accent wall is really working for me and highlights the wood fireplace beautifully! Paired with lighter walls and chairs, this space is punchy but also well balanced!


I guess I have a thing for printed sofas this month, but this room from Bianca (@frenchforpineapple) has me endlessly interested. The neutral pink walls with the blues, brass, and collected feel. It’s eclectic and bold while still feeling understated and livable. Which is kind of like riding a unicycle and while playing one of those “one man band” accordion/drum combos. If anyone has any idea what I’m talking about. But in other words, no small feat!


There were so very, very many excellent submissions this month — I’m thrilled to see this concept resonating with people. The longer I take part in social media, the more important it seems to me just to be yourself and stand apart from whatever is selling this week. There is a truly inspiring variety of styles shared via #fearlesshome, and I like to think it is a place for anyone who identifies with the idea of decorating without fear. If that’s you, I hope to see you sharing in the #fearlesshome feed, too.

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Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour Fall 2016


Today I’m excited to be sharing my fall home tour as part of the Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour hosted by Lindsay at The White Buffalo Styling Co. I have enjoyed following Lindsay’s series for a while now, so it is really a thrill to get to participate this time around, and with so many other talented ladies.

If this is your first visit here, welcome! I’m Brittany, and I live in Springfield, Missouri, with my husband and three chihuahuas. We’ve lived in our 1921 bungalow for about a year and a half and while we still have a lot of work to do, we’ve come a long way, too. You can see the before and afters so far in our house tour. My design aesthetic is extremely eclectic. I like a bit of everything–from farmhouse to midcentury, bohemian to traditional. In short, I enjoy the art of the mix! The vast majority of stuff in my house has been thrifted (or in some cases pulled from the trash!), but if you want to know where something came from, I am happy to share.

I don’t honestly consider myself to be much of a seasonal decorator per se, but I do like to bring in simple touches to reflect the time of year. To me, fall is about richness and coziness. While I have a colorful house to begin with, this year I decided to decorate for fall with a subtle emphasis on greens, reds, and purples, with a few seasonal flowers.

I think this may be the first time I have ever shown the front of my house on the blog. We need to put some work into the exterior of our house and have not gotten around to much of it yet. However, we did recently paint our somewhat abused front porch, and I put a fresh coat of paint on the waiting-to-be-replaced door, so it seems like as good a time as any to share a bit of our outdoor space.


The potted croton is usually an indoor plant and not actually part of my fall decor, but it has done so well on the porch this summer that I’m trying to let it stay outside as long as possible. So far we’ve had warm enough weather that I’ve barely had to bring it inside at all.



These two pups are Pepper (closest to me) and Fatty.


Come in and have a look!


I wanted a simple and inexpensive wreath for the door, so made this one with a twig wreath and a few berry sprigs you can find at most craft stores. I just tucked the sprigs in between the twigs and used the wire from the berries to anchor. It took some adjusting but in the end it was a pretty easy DIY.




Those of you who are familiar with my house might notice that my white and blue dining chairs are absent from these pictures. They aren’t gone gone, just put away for now. I was craving something simpler around table, and I think these old, imperfect chairs actually fit really well for fall.


I spotted this pepper plant at my local nursery and thought it was so beautiful. My husband loves spicy things, so I thought it would be fun to use this as my fall centerpiece and then mayyybe just maybe eat some of the peppers later on. The description at the nursery said the peppers were a medium heat. Well, my younger brother was the first intrepid soul to try out one of these babies, and no sooner had he popped it into his mouth than he was running for a glass of milk…as it turns out, they are 5x hotter than jalapenos! The plant is called a Loco pepper–I guess that should have been our first clue. 🙂


After searching and searching for some old windsor chairs, I found all three of these on the same morning, in the same small town about 20 minutes away, at three different stores. Originally I thought I would paint them, but I love them just as they are. Even the chippy pink one is perfect, and not at all something I would have come up with myself.



I’ve said a number of times that I’m not exactly an avid cook, but the same doesn’t go for baking. I love to bake, probably because I love to eat baked goods. I make no secret of the fact that I baked this bread for and during the course of this shoot, or that I ate most of it single-handedly in about two days. There’s definitely something about a good fall bread that is just one of life’s simple pleasures.



Compared to other spaces in the house, our bedroom is pretty pared down and subdued (not counting the rug, of course). I typically don’t change the furnishings or decor much throughout the year. In truth, I also find the red to be a bit limiting when it comes to other color parings. Red with almost anything seems to stand for something (red+blue=America, red+green=Christmas, I could go on, trust me). Anyhow, I decided to ignore the red completely and just stick with a few simple changes in the pillows and the addition of some fall flowers.



Jellybeans is actually on the bed because she and I were in a dispute over who is the rightful owner of that green pillow, and she came to guard her territory. Shortly after this photo was taken, I tried to zhush one of the other pillows, and she ran all over everything and fully trounced the whole bed. And shortly after that, the green pillow was put in the closet, not to be heard of again for a long, long time. And the rest of us lived happily ever after.

And that’s a wrap on our fall home tour–thanks so much for coming along! To close us out, here are a couple from the blooper reel.



Continue on with the tour by heading over to check out Jennifer’s post at Dimples and Tangles. Jennifer is a color-and-pattern loving lady after my own heart, and I think you will love her home!

You can also catch up with the tours from earlier this week at the links below. Thanks so much to Lindsay at The White Buffalo Styling Co. for hosting this wonderful event!

The White Buffalo Styling Co.
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Fearless Home Features – August

It’s time for a round-up of August features from the #fearless home Instagram feed. If you are new to this series, #fearlesshome is an Instagram hashtag I launched earlier this summer with a couple of talented co-hosts–Arielle of Scotch & Nonsense, Cassie of Cassie Bustamante, Kimberly of Swoon Worthy, and Jenna of Rain on a Tin Roof. The purpose of the tag is to showcase the bold, different, weird, and wonderful things you guys are doing in their homes. Put briefly, I like to this this feed is an immersion course in decorating with panache. Bright and moody, color, pattern, texture, planty-crazy, gallery-walls galore–you can find it all (and much, much more) in the #fearlesshome feed. I highly recommend you check it out yourself! Here are a few of my favorites from last month.

I love the mix of fun and sophisticated accessories in Jamie’s (@jamefinkdesigns) daughter’s room. Who says a kid can’t have a portrait of old Mona Lisa next to her bed? Together with the fun prints and happy colors, it’s both chic and totally age-appropriate.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 1.49.26 PM

Sarai (@williamssarai) lives in a 1951 ranch and has an impressive collection of mid-century furnishings to match. It can be tricky to decorate from one era without your home ending up feeling frozen in time. So I give Sarai points for GOING FOR IT, with extra bonus points for not only pulling it off but seriously working it. Big time couch and rug love here.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 1.52.50 PM

I couldn’t not feature this darling kitchen by Jen of @greenhausdesigns. I mean, hello? It had me at green floors. Paired with the white cabinets and the butcher block countertops, Jen’s design does a great job making a statement letting it do the talking.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 2.27.28 PM

Discovering Sharlene of @skaynedesigns has been a total revelation in chic-ness. You don’t have to see any more than this one picture to know that she’s a genius when it comes to texture. Also, you should know that she made that amazing face planter with some epoxy putty, so she’s a genius in other ways as well.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 2.16.44 PM

My jaw pretty much crashed to the floor when I saw this photo of Astrid’s (@insieme_house) bedroom makeover. Astrid is a pro at high-contrast design and using textiles, but the black curtains and fringed pelmets put this over-the-top. Don’t even get me started on the animal accents. It’s all so original and so so good.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 2.17.18 PM

I don’t know about you guys, but summer is usually my down time from home projects. We’ve really not accomplished very much in our own house this summer, but as the days grow shorter I’m starting to think about a few things I might want to tackle come fall and winter. How about you–planning anything bold? Hope to see you all sharing in the #fearlesshome feed.

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A Spankin’ New Dining Room Light (That Works!) with LexMod


For this post I received a product to review from LexMod. All opinions (and tales of DIY gone awry) are entirely my own.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have caught mention several weeks ago that we accidentally broke our dining room light. It was one of those classic I broke the thing I was trying to fix situations that a lot of DIY enthusiasts out there experience at some point or another (please tell me it’s not just us!). The how part of how it happened isn’t really important, but suffice it to say we started out trying to adjust the length of the light and ended up with a light that would no longer turn on. I say we even though I wasn’t involved in the actual breaking–Justin did that–but I was in the room watching, so my role is kind of unclear. I was either a bystander or an accomplice, depending on how you want to look at it.

This was our previous light. You may remember it. It wasn’t anything super fancy–the shade was from Ikea and the cord/ceiling mount was from Home Depot. BUT, it looked pretty good and was getting the job done. Until it wasn’t.


In truth, I was already kind of looking to move on from this light when we broke it. So instead of running to grab another cord from Home Depot, I thought, maybe accident = opportunity. I didn’t have anything really picked out, though, and I’m a very slow shopper. I wanted something kind of different, so even though my first thought was BRASS!!!!!! my second, more reasoned thought was not brass. A light had actually caught my eye on Design*Sponge a few months earlier. Well, the whole house caught my eye, but the light stayed with me. It was this one from Nina van der Goor’s tour (you should visit it, it’s amazing).

I found a similar light online from LexMod for an extremely reasonable price–less than $100 for the 16″ version and less than $200 for the 24″ version. Being the slow shopper that I am, I didn’t buy it immediately; however, when LexMod reached out about a collaboration, it was a serendipitously perfect match.

We have our new light now installed, and I’m so happy with the experience. The light came quickly and packaged well and was very easy to install. The cord was plenty long (nearly 5 ft), so it would work with even a really high ceiling. And most importantly, the light is great quality and super cool.






If you’re not familiar with LexMod, it’s an online retailer that carries a great selection of mid-century and contemporary styled furniture and accessories, perfect if you love those clean lines or if you, like me, love an eclectic mix of just about everything. They source and sell directly so that their prices are good, and they are. This 24″ spool light retails for $181, and for the size it’s hard to find anything that really compares.

Justin thinks the light is sexy (especially at night), I think it’s whimsical, in a different space it could be retro or contemporary–clearly this is a light that can be all things to all people. So even thought I’m not necessarily happy that we messed up and broke our previous light (it would be bad to admit that, right?), I definitely think that as home improvement accidents go, this one turned out pretty well.


Fearless Home Features – July

It’s time for a round-up of July features from the #fearless home Instagram feed. In case you missed it, I launched #fearlesshome last month with fabulous co-hosts Arielle of Scotch & Nonsense, Cassie of Primitive & Proper, Kimberly of Swoon Worthy, and Jenna of Rain on a Tin Roof. The purpose of the tag is to showcase the bold, different, weird, and wonderful things you guys are doing in their homes. In just a short month, we’ve already been overwhelmed by your creativity! There were so many great submissions, I’d really recommend that you check out the #fearlesshome feed yourself. Here are a few of my favorites from last month.

I absolutely love this moody dining room from @ourgentlemadness! It’s so sophisticated yet effortless. The black/navy combo is something I honestly never would have thought of but I love it. Juls hasn’t found the right spot to hang her Anthropologie mural yet, but I think it looks perfect just tacked up like so.


I was so excited when I heard @mepflug was planning to paint a pattern on her dining room floor, and the result did not disappoint! The design is so inventive and the colors palette is chic and beautiful. I’m amazed at the execution, too! Megan hit it out of the park on this one.


A grand gesture is great, but fearless details can pack just as much of a punch. I love this amazing abstract art print with the floral cushion Jaclyn of @covetedhome used in this space. It’s such and unexpected combination but it makes this nook feel so vibrant and special.


It was a WOW moment the first time I saw @nicholnaranjo’s ship chandelier. It takes guts to put such a bold piece in a living room, but Nichol never backs away from a risk. It’s so fun but glam, and I love how it works in this otherwise casual space.


@thedelightfulfind always brightens my feed with her wonderful, whimsical home. This green and pink combination is so darling, and the floor-to-ceiling gallery wall just puts it over the top. As a lover of color myself, I really enjoy seeing people playing around with fun colors and punchy art.


I’m already looking forward to seeing what great spaces you guys submit next month! We’d love for you to jump in share your homes in the #fearlesshome feed.

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Introducing #fearlesshome


I’m exciting to be teaming up with some fabulous bloggers to introduce #fearlesshome, a new Instagram hashtag and series across our blogs. Today I want to explain what this series is all about, how it works, and give you a peek into the fearless homes of my stylish cohosts: Arielle from Scotch and Nonesense, Kimberly from Swoon Worthy, Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof, and Cassie from Primitive & Proper.

The purpose of #fearlesshome is to celebrate spaces that don’t shy away from a bold gesture. Color, pattern, style mixing, you name it–we are looking to share design that shows how taking a risk (large or small) can help create something interesting, unusual, wonderful, and most importantly personal.

We really hope you will join us on Instagram by tagging your own photos with #fearlesshome. We will be sharing some favorites regularly on Instagram as well as here on our blogs the first Wednesday of every month. I can’t wait to see all the inspiring spaces that are out there!

You can find each of the hosts on Instagram here:

Now let’s spend a few minutes visiting each of the cohosts! Pretty pictures this way ——>>

Arielle from Scotch and Nonsense

Arielle lives in a beautiful historic home, and she has only enhanced its appeal with bold, moody paint choices, sculptural furniture and unique, often bright accessories. Just a few minutes perusing her photos, and you will want to paint your library a deep hue and restock your bar ASAP.

library 5

Even her dogs are perfectly sophisticated!

library 2

dining 2

Check out more of Arielle’s home on her blog here.

Kimberly from Swoon Worthy

Kimberly rocks a boho glam aesthetic that says “yes, please” to color, pattern, metallics, bold art, and more–and it all works like gangbusters. If you’ve ever wondered how to flawlessly employ a wallpaper accent wall, Kimberly must have all the answers because she nails it EVERY time.

IMG_7264  IMG_7841


Check out more of Kimberly’s house here.

Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof

Jenna believes in flying your freak flag, and it shows in her totally fearless approach to decorating. Carpet on a wall–yep, she’s done it. In fact, I really believe that she might just try anything AND pull it off. If you need the push to commit to your next project, a few minutes visiting her 70s Landing Pad will almost definitely convince you to GO FOR IT.




Check out more of Jenna’s home here.

Cassie from Primitive & Proper

Cassie’s business, Sweet Clover, has the slogan “No Rules, Just Passion,” and that completely epitomizes her effortless, eclectic style. Cassie is a mix-MASTER. Pieces of every era and style mingle in harmony in her house because they are just so very HER, and the result is sublime!


Guest-Room-Brass-Gazelle  IMG_1454

Check out more of Cassie’s home here.

You can visit each one of these talented ladies today by clicking the buttons below! We hope to see you soon on Instagram!

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Restoring the Entryway to its Former Glory


Today I’m excited to share the full top-to-bottom makeover of our entry way. This is a project that took about 5 months to complete and then sat in draft mode for at least another month while I tried to figure out how to distill 5 months of somewhat tedious work into a not-totally-tedious but still informative post for you guys. This is my attempt.

Let’s start off with a look back at the entry way when we moved in. It was beige.






You get the picture. As I’ve said before, the theme of our renovation is to try to make things look closer to how they looked originally. We aren’t aiming for “historical society” type precision, but where there are original elements that can be salvaged or exposed, we’d like to give it a shot.

So while the entry way was totally functional, I did want to get rid of the builder-grade tile and the carpet on the stairs. Especially because the original wood flooring was under both! I also wanted to create a space that made an impact. Naturally you want someone to walk into your house and say “WOW!”. Beige is the opposite of “WOW” in most cases. In fact, that’s why a lot of people choose beige–to blend in and be unassuming. I say, why not assume. 😉

Here’s what the project entailed:

  • Remove carpet and refinish stairs.
  • Paint the stair risers.
  • Remove tile and refinish floors.
  • Scrape the popcorn ceiling.
  • Paint the walls.
  • New baseboards and window trim.

As anyone who has remodeled or watched more than 30 minutes of HGTV knows, every remodel comes with a snag. Sometimes it makes you want to roll your eyes at home improvement TV shows because “the snag” is a set piece and some shows are better than others at making it seem organic and legit as opposed to “produced” and predictable. At the same time, I can’t roll my eyes too hard because the truth is that there is always a snag.


The problem with this is a couple of things: 1) You basically have to have boards from somewhere else in the house in order for it to blend seamlessly, and 2) There is no subfloor under the original wood, which means you either have to have a board long enough to span the joists OR you have to build supports between the joists that you can nail shorter boards to.

This is where I hope I’m not going to absolutely put you to sleep. What we ended up doing, in short, was that Justin took a span of boards from upstairs (where we were going to paint anyway) and patched them in in a natural pattern where the random boards had been. This is what took a while, because chiseling out floor boards by hand is pretty laborious work. You can also clearly see the “no subfloors” thing in the picture below from the fact that in one spot you can see directly in to the basement.


Justin did a really tremendous job with the floors. You can see the patch below because the boards from upstairs were not quite as dirty but now that the floors are refinished, you really cannot tell unless you know exactly what to look for. While Justin was working on the floor I took care of the stairs, which involved a heck of a lot of pulling tiny staples from various carpet applications (one of which popped me right in the vein and sent blood squirting) and then patching those 10,000 tiny staple holes. I also primed and repainted the spindles, which had been done in a high-gloss paint. High-gloss paint is extremely durable, but man is it a pain to paint over.

Entryway Cleanup

The stair treads were pretty worn, but its amazing what a little sanding and a medium tone stain can take care of. Here’s how it all turned out.






What do you think–does it have the “WOW” factor now?

I was looking for a place to do a dark paint color and I think it’s absolutely perfect here. The windows in there stairwell are both west-facing, so this space is dark for most of the day, and it feels very dramatic. Then, when the late-afternoon light comes pouring in, it’s equally dramatic, but in a different way. I considered doing the green on the lower half of the wall up the stairs, and while I think that could have looked cool, the contrast between the dark entry and the bright stairway is everything to me. I call it the Stairway to Heaven because it is SO bright in the afternoons and because I am cheesy like that.

All in all, this makeover was way more about putting the time in than spending money. I didn’t keep tabs on the costs because they were spread out over a long period and there just weren’t many of them. The main cost was renting the sander to refinish the floors. Aside from that, baseboards/trim and paint were the only real expenses. I’d estimate we spent around $200 all told. It would have been more costly for sure if we’d had to hire out the floor repair, but thankfully I have an intrepid husband, and he has access to the This Old House YouTube channel. That made all the difference.

I hadn’t seen the before photos in quite a while before putting together this post, but looking at them now was definitely a nice reminder of how far we came!

EntryWay BA

Framed Graphic Prints for Under $10


It’s the last Tuesday of the month, which means it’s time for another addition the It’s So Ugly It’s Cool Challenge hosted by Jess at Domicile 37. This challenge about revamping secondhand finds and to fit your style. You can participate in the challenge on Instagram using the tag #itssouglyitscool to share your handiwork!

This month I did a super quick and easy update of some thrift store frames I had hanging out in my frame stash. I think everyone agrees that frames are one of the all-around best things to buy second-hand because they can cost so much new but are plentiful and in many cases cheap in flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales, etc.

The one caveat to that is that it is sometimes harder to find really good, attractive, well priced frames with glass, mattes, and other stuff, that–if missing–could quickly eat up your cost savings to replace. So when you find those frames that hit the trifecta, you buy them, even if they’re not perfect–yet.

Enter this set of red metal frames that Justin picked up last summer for something like $4.

FrameBeforeThey are good solid frames, nice glass, clean white mattes with a standard sized opening. All in all hard to pass up. The only problem is that I kind of hate red. This was also initially the problem with our bedroom rug, which I ended up loving, but that was the one exception. Why even attempt living with something you kind of hate when fixing it is so easy?

All these frames really needed was a coat of spray paint. I chose gold. There are actually quite a few good articles out there about the best gold spray paints (here and here are two) but I didn’t read any of them until I was in the spray paint aisle at Home Depot, and Home Depot only carries Rustoleum, so what kind of spray paint do you think I got?

I ended up using Rustoleum Metallic Paint & Primer in Pure Gold, and in truth I was kind of so-so on it. Come to find out, it only has a 2 star rating on the Home Depot website, so it’s not all that surprising. I am hereby guilty of winging it on the “picking a spray paint” front. It’s definitely more brass than gold, but that’s okay because in general I was just hoping it wouldn’t turn out orange, and it didn’t.


I will say I give huge props to people who use spray paint on everything. Just yesterday my friend Maggie posted a project where she spray painted some nightstands, and they are the height of fabulousness (seriously, click the link right now). I know spray paint is supposed to be a pretty rudimentary crafting skill, but it seems like every time I do it something turns out wrong. I don’t spray the thing evenly or it gets stuck to something while drying, but usually both. We all have unique skills and I suppose lack of skills, too. I am uniquely unskilled at spray painting.

Thankfully these frames were hard to get too wrong. I didn’t have any art that I was waiting to hang, but I did conveniently have some beautiful samples of the Farrow and Ball Aranami wallpaper. I’m considering putting it in our upstairs hallways in a third color, but these two samples go perfectly with the colors in our dining room. This is really gorgeous wallpaper, and even in the small sample size, the graphic impact is striking. These particular wallpaper samples were free (although some companies do charge a small fee), so the total cost was about $10 between the frames and the spray paint. Not bad to add a little pattern punch to this previously blank space.





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Turning a Vintage Trunk into a Side Table


It’s the last Tuesday of the month, which means that it’s time for another It’s So Ugly It’s Cool thrift store challenge hosted by Jess at Domicile 37. I have to admit I dropped the ball a little bit on this one. Here I am trying to give you a before/after post, and I forgot to take any before pictures. Oops!

The good thing is, I didn’t change the item in question that much, so I think you can use your imagine to envision what this trunk with no legs looked like. It looked like a trunk.


Anyhoo–I found this particular trunk in the trash pile at an estate sale. It really wasn’t in bad condition, as you can see–I’m not entirely sure why they were throwing it away. I went super quick/easy in my makeover of this piece. I just cleaned it up a bit (as I said, it didn’t need much–it was more that I felt like it was dirty than that it actually was dirty) and added some inexpensive wooden legs from Lowe’s. The legs I used are about $2.50/each, and I had to buy some hardware to attach it (which I didn’t end up using–more on that later), so considering that the trunk was free, I am all-in at about $12.50 on this project. Not bad!

If you had a really nice trunk and wanted to do it up right, I’m sure you could get some awesome legs from Pretty Pegs or use some vintage legs and make it spectacular. With how low-to-the ground I wanted this to be, the legs aren’t too visible, so it wasn’t really worth it to me to invest in a pricier option.


To clean the trunk, I used a combination of water, baking soda, olive oil, and dish soap (you can read a good post on cleaning trunks here). If that sounds like a gross mixture, it kind of was. But remember, the cleaning was mostly about the psychology of believing it was clean rather than achieving some kind of specific result. I read that using that mixture would provide a gentle cleaning, so as far as I know, it did! When it was dry, I finished by polishing it with regular old furniture wax–the same kind I used on my mint dresser makeover.

To attach the legs, I simply drilled into the bottom of the trunk to make a hole slightly smaller than the screw on the leg. Usually I am not allowed to drill things because I have a bad reputation for eyeballing rather than taking precise measurements, but in this case eyeballing (I think I used the width of two or three fingers from the edge as a guide) was good enough. This kind of old trunk is really only made out of cardboard, so it is not at all difficult to puncture with a drill.

After attaching the legs, the plan was to secure them with a washer and then a nut on the inside of the trunk, but as it so happens, my cleaning activities exacerbated the rustiness of the hardware, and I haven’t been able to get the trunk open since! I’m pretty sure I could if I pulled hard enough, but the trunk resting on the legs makes them secure enough anyway; it’s not worth risk ripping the lid off the trunk.

My only piece of advice is that when you go to buy the washers/nuts bring the leg you are using with you and let the nice folks at your local home improvement store help you out. There are about a bazillion sizes inside all these little drawers, and you will grow old trying them out or become crazy attempting to guess which would fit.

I didn’t have any spot for the trunk when I found it, but it ended up fitting exactly into this little nook beside my closet. Sometimes admittedly I throw clothes on top of it for days at a time, but when it’s visible it’s a pretty cool accent.

trunk hero image

Have you ever found anything cool dumpster diving? Tell me about your treasures in the comments!

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