Guest Posting at Home on 129 Acres

Happy Friday, everybody! Just popping in to say that I’m over on Home on 129 Acres today as part of Julia’s series on DIYers and their favorite tools. I picked the one that most helps me with my upholstery projects, like this ottoman I finished recently. Read more here!




      1. I’d love to, but I’m thinking my time might be better spent building some raised beds in the garden and putting it to bed. Plus, the next rooms on my list need some professional help, and I’m not prepared to spend money to hire someone yet. What about you?

      2. Totally understandable! It’s fun, but it certainly doesn’t make sense to take on a makeover you don’t need to/aren’t ready to do. I’m planning to join in and hopefully get the master bedroom knocked out. We still haven’t touched a bit of our upstairs, and are hoping to get out of the downstairs guest room before winter, so the timing is pretty good! I’m thinking without all the cabinet painting, it should be a little more relaxed this time around.

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