House Tour on Maggie Overby Studios + The One Room Challenge Returns!

eclectic dining room

Hello and happy Monday! I have a few short updates today that make me really excited to start this week.

First off, I’m pumped to share that our house tour and a brief interview by moi are being featured today on Maggie Overby Studios! The tour includes all new, never-before-seen pictures of our dining room (with Pepper as your guide), and it has shaped up even more since I last showed it here. While you’re on Maggie’s site, stay awhile and check out some of her awesome projects. She has amazing vintage style and really envy-inducing collections of paint-by-numbers art and West German pottery. She also once slip-covered a sofa using blue velvet Ikea drapes (see that project here). Have you ever heard of anything more genius/fabulous?? I can’t wait to introduce her more in the future, but don’t wait for me–head on over and get to know her now ! Oh yeah, and check out our tour. 🙂

Secondly, you may remember those 6 weeks of madness last spring where we made over the kitchen for the One Room Challenge? Well, the One Room Challenge returns this week for its fall edition, and we are joining in again to make over the master bedroom.


We haven’t touched this space since we moved in, and it’s time for everything to go–the carpet will be coming out, the popcorn will be coming down, and the blue stripes will bid you all a fond farewell. Tune in starting Thursday for the mayhem. It should be a great transformation!




    1. Hi Marci! Great to meet you! Thanks for saying hello and following along!

      PS – I’m also an ice cream purist! I think it’s OK to be discriminating on the really important stuff. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Julia! It’s funny you mention my “green thumb” because I feel like I’ve always had a black thumb. I’ve had a lot more luck since I’ve started focusing on mostly resilient types of plants. I find that low-light plants are often easier for me to keep alive, too. I still have a terrible time with succulents and cacti!

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