Fearless Home Features – September

I’m pretty sure I start this post every month with some kind of expression of incredulity that another month has passed, but alas it is (somehow?!) October, which means it’s time for a round-up of September features from the #fearless home Instagram feed. To bring any newcomers up-to-speed, #fearlesshome is an Instagram hashtag I host along with some very of talented bloggers–Arielle of Scotch & Nonsense, Cassie of Cassie Bustamante, Kimberly of Swoon Worthy, and Jenna of Rain on a Tin Roof. The purpose of the tag is to showcase the bold, different, weird, and wonderful things you guys are doing in their homes. Put briefly, I like to think this feed is an crash course in decorating with panache. Bright and moody, color, pattern, texture, planty-crazy, gallery-walls galore–you can find it all (and much, much more) in the #fearlesshome feed. I highly recommend you check it out yourself! Here are a few of my favorites from last month.

Does everyone dream of a fabulous printed couch like Veda’s (@thedanielstreetworkshop) or is that just me? Together with the mix of pillows and the colorful rug, this set up is pure fun!


There were a few great posts this month from Shavonda (@sgardenerstyle) of her newly painted black living room, but this one (ie, the one with the oversized tapestry of fabulousness) takes the cake for me. Black in a main living space! Talk about bold moves.


I am so very into this crazy chic hallway by Maren (@villabetulablog). I love the white painted floors and the moody plum on the walls, doors, and trim. It is a look for sure, but such a stylish one. I feel like if I had this hallway in my house, I would suddenly wake up one day as an extremely fabulous European woman. It’s an odd and irrational non-sequitur, but I can’t help thinking it would be great.


Holt wow, I love this bold but understated shot by Fiona (@around_houses). The dark accent wall is really working for me and highlights the wood fireplace beautifully! Paired with lighter walls and chairs, this space is punchy but also well balanced!


I guess I have a thing for printed sofas this month, but this room from Bianca (@frenchforpineapple) has me endlessly interested. The neutral pink walls with the blues, brass, and collected feel. It’s eclectic and bold while still feeling understated and livable. Which is kind of like riding a unicycle and while playing one of those “one man band” accordion/drum combos. If anyone has any idea what I’m talking about. But in other words, no small feat!


There were so very, very many excellent submissions this month — I’m thrilled to see this concept resonating with people. The longer I take part in social media, the more important it seems to me just to be yourself and stand apart from whatever is selling this week. There is a truly inspiring variety of styles shared via #fearlesshome, and I like to think it is a place for anyone who identifies with the idea of decorating without fear. If that’s you, I hope to see you sharing in the #fearlesshome feed, too.

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  1. I know this sounds weird but I’m psyched you shared 2 UK homes today! Haha! I have a weird sense of pride! Bianca is one of my favourite bloggers as well as people (and yes her whole home is crazy beautiful eclectic boho glam) and her living room is one of my favourites. Also Shavonda’s wall hanging made my jaw drop! Also loving that beautiful plum hue in the hallway. So much gorgeousness!! xxx

    1. Oh yes, my picks were kind of global this month! UK definitely had a STRONG showing! Bianca’s living room definitely gave me serious thoughts…like let’s scrap this nonsense and start over pink kind of thoughts…and I loved it!

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