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New Year, New House


Happy New Year, friends! Hope everyone is settling into 2015, that you have your new calendars hung, and that any resolutions you made have lasted at least this long.

2014 ended with a lot of excitement here at the puppy palace, but now that several trees worth of paper have been signed and we could probably be sued for backing out, I’m really happy to share that we are moving to a new house!

We always knew that our current house would be more of a short-term home. Part of the reason we picked it was for its potential as a rental once we got another place. Still, I think we are a little surprised to be moving on so quickly (we are just approaching our second anniversary as homeowners). We weren’t exactly house hunting, but as I explained when I started this blog, I’m a pretty hopeless real estate window shopper. For a while now, we’ve been feeling the limitations of our current house, primarily in terms of space. So naturally, I’d been doing a bit of MLS cruising, trying to get a feel for the inventory in our budget and desired neighborhoods. Justin and I both know we’re not people who could decide to move and pick the best option at the time. We knew we would have to buy when the right house found us.

That brings us to the night of Saturday, December 13. I’d spotted a sweet little place in an adjacent neighborhood, less than a mile from where we currently live. I told Justin that even though “I’m not saying we’re going to buy it” (that’s my favorite line), we should go to the open house scheduled for the next day. He agreed, because the place looked nice and we had nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon. It probably goes without saying that we both loved it. It’s bigger, brighter, more open, and even older than our current house, and I can see it meeting our needs for a good long time. By Wednesday of that week, we were under contract. Life moves really fast sometimes! Day by day we plug along trying to make a little progress, but more often it seems like change comes in currents and waves that carry us forward unexpectedly. I have to say, I credit my window-shopping ways for helping me find and recognize a good deal, but I also think I need to stay away from the MLS for a while. As a hobby, it’s starting to get expensive.

Here’s our new place! It’s another bungalow, this one built in 1921.


Like our current house did, it’s coming to us with a white exterior and off-color trim, but don’t worry, we’re going to fix that up as soon as the weather gets warm enough. Leave no house unpainted–maybe that’s my mission in life.