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Thrift Scores: Rainbow Rooster + Flea Market Greenery


When your house is wrecked and your life is in chaos, there is one and only one thing that you can do to make it better: go out and buy more things to stack in more piles and create more chaos. I had some assistance in this recently from a fabulous rainbow foil rooster on black velvet (OH MY, have you ever heard a more alluring combination of words?).


I’d been visiting this rooster in a certain flea market for months now and each time remarking, “Oooh, this is neat,” as if I’d only just seen it for the first time, but Justin always gave it the side eye in a way that suggested that he believed if he was just casual enough, I’d forget about this rooster without him ever having to say he didn’t like it. He doesn’t always understand my undying love for velvet. He was also clawed in the face by a rooster as a child, so that could have something to do with it.

Anyway, when you are already spiraling out of control and are losing things like your keys and ID for days at a time, that seems like the perfect time to make a questionable decision, and so I marched out the other day and finally purchased this glamorous fowl.

To anyone who may wonder about the extent of the chaos in our home, I submit to you this photo as exhibits A, B, C, and D, because really, what more evidence do you need?


Once I brought the rooster home, though, Justin miraculously saw in a different light, so now we are just split on whether or not to paint the frame. I, with my dislike of fake antique finishes, think a nice coat of black or white or green or who-knows-what-color paint would do the rooster a world of good, but Justin wishes simply to revel in its current perfect weirdness, frame and all. It’s too cold right now to spray paint anyway, so the resolution to the argument will have to wait for the mercury to rise.

In the meantime, this rooster is luxurious, psychedelic, and country all at the same time for only $13. It may just be the greatest purchase ever made. EXCEPT–would you believe we bought this plant in a flea market?


We thought we were buying the plant stand only for a cool ten bucks, but when we got up to pay, the plant was part of the deal. It needs to be migrated to a nicer pot, and the plant stand needs a good coat of spray paint, too, but when it comes down to it, I just can’t choose between them. It’s always great to score on a piece of furniture or other large purchase, but sometimes small items with even smaller price tags can still be oh-so satisfying.


Have you bought anything old, new, or unusual lately? Or maybe something small that just makes you smile?