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Sunday Style: Foxy Ladies

A couple months ago I heard on an Animal Planet special that Chihuahuas might have descended from foxes instead of wolves, and this has been my favorite factoid ever since. So naturally, when I wore this fox sweater, I had to take one of my tiny foxes out as an accessory.

Even though she loves to go on walks, Pepper gets super uncooperative whenever a camera is pointed in her direction. Sometimes she looks away exactly the moment the picture is taken.


Or tries to inconspicuously hide behind whatever’s available.


Yep, she’s sly like a fox all right. Plus, look at her–the snout, the ears, the intense predatory eyes (in this case probably fixed on a leaf)–the resemblance is there.


As far as my style goes, I really need to get with the program and learn to hem my own jeans. Being on the short side (I’m 5’3″), I do a lot of ankle rolling, but I still sometimes contend with bunchy knees and/or ankles, and it’s not too cute. Even though I’ve hemmed other pants before, the small leg opening on skinny jeans intimidates me. It’s probably time to break out the pairs I’ve ruined with paint through the years (despite Justin warning me many times not to paint in my regular clothes), do some practicing, and figure it out. Maybe if I use them to teach myself a new skill, I can at least say it wasn’t a total waste.


Even Pepper thinks I need to do something about my pant length situation. She’s like, “You got those things rolled again? Come on, lady.”

2014 Family Christmas Pic


For several years now, we have been taking a yearly family Christmas portrait with the dogs. I am writing this morning away from my regular computer, or I would share them all for comparison, but I can tell you that this year’s picture is probably the worst one yet. I think we have proven that the maximum number of dogs that can effectively be photographed with a camera set to a timer and a photographer who also has to be in the photo is two. Because with Pepper added to the mix this year, we were simply unable to get any picture in which all the dogs were looking toward the camera. That’s why our official family picture this year looks like an outtake, but it’s actually the best one! Our usual strategy is for Justin to throw a set of keys across the room toward the camera right when the timer goes off to get the dogs’ attention, but this year they were just too interested in each other. They also seemed to disagree on the mood and style of the photo, which is why I think:

  • Pepper is posed like the subject of an 18th century portrait
  • Fatty looks like a brooding author on his book dust jacket photo, and
  • Beanie has the expression of a cheeky ’80s teen movie heroine.

Meanwhile, we’re smilingly oblivious to the whole thing.


Once our photographer got back behind the camera, we did manage to snap a picture with all the dogs at attention.


Merry Christmas, friends! Hope your holiday is filled with good food and good people.