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A Spankin’ New Dining Room Light (That Works!) with LexMod


For this post I received a product to review from LexMod. All opinions (and tales of DIY gone awry) are entirely my own.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have caught mention several weeks ago that we accidentally broke our dining room light. It was one of those classic I broke the thing I was trying to fix situations that a lot of DIY enthusiasts out there experience at some point or another (please tell me it’s not just us!). The how part of how it happened isn’t really important, but suffice it to say we started out trying to adjust the length of the light and ended up with a light that would no longer turn on. I say we even though I wasn’t involved in the actual breaking–Justin did that–but I was in the room watching, so my role is kind of unclear. I was either a bystander or an accomplice, depending on how you want to look at it.

This was our previous light. You may remember it. It wasn’t anything super fancy–the shade was from Ikea and the cord/ceiling mount was from Home Depot. BUT, it looked pretty good and was getting the job done. Until it wasn’t.


In truth, I was already kind of looking to move on from this light when we broke it. So instead of running to grab another cord from Home Depot, I thought, maybe accident = opportunity. I didn’t have anything really picked out, though, and I’m a very slow shopper. I wanted something kind of different, so even though my first thought was BRASS!!!!!! my second, more reasoned thought was not brass. A light had actually caught my eye on Design*Sponge a few months earlier. Well, the whole house caught my eye, but the light stayed with me. It was this one from Nina van der Goor’s tour (you should visit it, it’s amazing).

I found a similar light online from LexMod for an extremely reasonable price–less than $100 for the 16″ version and less than $200 for the 24″ version. Being the slow shopper that I am, I didn’t buy it immediately; however, when LexMod reached out about a collaboration, it was a serendipitously perfect match.

We have our new light now installed, and I’m so happy with the experience. The light came quickly and packaged well and was very easy to install. The cord was plenty long (nearly 5 ft), so it would work with even a really high ceiling. And most importantly, the light is great quality and super cool.






If you’re not familiar with LexMod, it’s an online retailer that carries a great selection of mid-century and contemporary styled furniture and accessories, perfect if you love those clean lines or if you, like me, love an eclectic mix of just about everything. They source and sell directly so that their prices are good, and they are. This 24″ spool light retails for $181, and for the size it’s hard to find anything that really compares.

Justin thinks the light is sexy (especially at night), I think it’s whimsical, in a different space it could be retro or contemporary–clearly this is a light that can be all things to all people. So even thought I’m not necessarily happy that we messed up and broke our previous light (it would be bad to admit that, right?), I definitely think that as home improvement accidents go, this one turned out pretty well.