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Crafted! Faux Crochet Wreath with Floral Applique

This is probably the most complex of the my three wreath projects. You can see the other two at Crafted! Striped Yarn Wreath with Cork Letter and Crafted! Mini Pom Pom Wreath.

I got inspired to make this because Justin’s grandma is a master crocheter, and I wanted to be just like her.

But the truth of the matter is that crochet is not super easy to pick up, so I devised this method for faking it using only the basis for a crochet: the chain stitch.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Styrofoam wreath form
  • Skein of yarn
  • Crochet needle (I used a chunkier yarn and so a larger size J needle)
  • Two straight pins
  • Floral appliques (or substitute an accessory of your choice)

I will not insult real crocheters everywhere by attempting to instruct you how to do it myself. I’ll simply tell you that it’s not hard, and there are plenty of YouTube resources to guide you. Here’s a quick and simple one to get you going: How to Crochet for Beginners : How to Make a Crochet Chain Stitch.

And here’s what my chain looked like when complete. I’m going to be honest, but don’t be deterred when I tell you that something like 80 yards of crochet chain were required to cover the wreath. I only mention it because at about 33 yards, I thought I totally had enough, and I was way off. So just FYI.


Once you have your chain made, this wreath is just as easy as my other yarn wreath. Secure the end of the crochet chain to the back of wreath with the first straight pin, wrap the chain around, and secure the other end with the second straight pin.

Yes, my nails look terrible in virtually every photo on the blog. This is the unvarnished reality here for you, friends. Quite literally.

Originally I wanted to make a crochet flower to finish this wreath, but that proved a little beyond my skill level at the present moment, so I settled for a pack of flowers I got at Michael’s for about two bucks and attached them with a bit of hot glue. The colors were a perfect complement. Voila!


Crafted! Mini Pom Pom Wreath

Did you catch yesterday’s wreath idea? If not, check it out: Crafted! Striped Yarn Wreath with Cork Letter

Today’s wreath takes a little bit longer but is by no means more difficult.

DIY colorful pom pom wreath on yellow door.
Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Styrofoam wreath form
  • Butt load of pom poms in colors of your choice (For reference: a “butt load” is not a strict quantity you will find in craft stores. For this project, it is roughly equivalent to 10-12 bags of approx. 10mm pom poms consisting of about 30 pieces each)
  • Hot glue gun

I made this wreath last fall after my wedding. I’d spent a lot of the summer making paper flowers, and it’s hard to quit crafting cold turkey, so this was the project that helped me taper off in a healthy fashion. To assemble:

  1. Glue pom pom(s) to wreath
  2. Repeat

There’s not a lot else I can tell you. Except maybe to have some Netflix queued up while you do it, because there is a certain amount of tedium involved (totally worth it, of course).

Ah yes–there is actually one other thing I can tell you: the pom pom wreath can withstand a pretty major thunderstorm, though hopefully you will never have to discover this firsthand. Normally the porch protects my wreaths from the elements (which I why I feel okay using a lot of fabric-like materials), but I used this one on the greenhouse door last month to spruce up the yard for Justin’s backyard birthday party. It was mega cute.

Cute garden shed greenhouse. Backyard with tiki torches. Green door with gray house.
But then I forgot about it for several days, and Justin likewise did not bring it in because he thought I was “done with it.” (PS to the menfolk –you can’t automatically apply the same rules of disposal to wreaths and left-over take-out.) Anyhoo, it was a little soggy but generally no worse for the wear. The pom pom wreath lives to grace the door another day.

Multicolor brown, green, red, white, orange, green pom pom wreath.

Crafted! Striped Yarn Wreath with Cork Letter

A guy at a yard sale once told me that a real estate agent told him (because all great wisdom comes from anecdotes relayed at garage sales, after all) that the front door was the most important part of a home, because it set the tone for the entire house. Is this true? Mmmm, probably questionable. But your front door is basically you’re home’s way of saying hello, and a colorful wreath is a great way to greet your visitors in style.

Plus, it’s starting to get cold out there, and while you’re hauling out the scarf and gloves, it’s just unkind to let your door stand naked all winter. So it’s really for your door’s sake that I offer these simple and cheap options for door adornment.

I’m going to present them to you starting with the one that will take you the least time.

And so: If you have all the supplies in front of you, you can whip this baby out in under ten minutes.

DIY striped yarn wreath with cork letter on my yellow door.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Styrofoam wreath form
  • Skein of multi-colored yarn
  • Cork letter (or substitute another accessory of your choice)
  • Minimum of two straight pins
  • Hot glue gun

The only trick to this is to make sure you buy multi-colored yarn if you want your wreath to be striped. This is the skein I used:
Multicolor yarn used for my wreath

I bought this yarn simply because I liked it. I didn’t realize at the time that it would give me a perfect stripe, but that’s how things measured out, and the effect was actually much neater than I expected.

Other than that, this one’s about as straightforward as they come. Secure the beginning of the yarn to the back of the wreath with the first straight pin, wrap it all the way around, and secure the other end with the second straight pin. It’s that simple. And because you haven’t glued the yarn in place, you can theoretically reuse the wreath form in the future if you really want to. It always helps to finish a simple wreath like this off with some kind of accessory to make it a little more special. I chose a cork letter I got for a buck or so at a craft store and stuck it on with a few beads of hot glue. I also stuck a few pearl head straight pins in here and there because I happened to have them and just don’t know when to quit. I wouldn’t go out and buy some solely for this project.

Multicolor yarn made a striped yarn wreath. I added pearl head pins for embellishment.

Maybe the best things in life take time, but there are still some really good things that take almost no time at all. Instant macaroni and cheese is one; this wreath is another.