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Kitchen Update | ORC Reveal!

kitchen medley2

Hi everyone! I’m really excited to finally get to show you the kitchen makeover we’ve finished over the last six weeks as part of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling it Home. I’m going to get to the pictures stat, but first, you can find updates from the last five weeks here: Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5.

Now, without further ado…

IMG_5847 IMG_5848IMG_5851

White cabinets + green painted floorsGreen floors and white subway tile in bright kitchen

White cabinets with white subway tile.

Open cabinetry in small kitchenGlass front cabinets. Displaying dishes in open cabinets.Plants as decor in the kitchenSmall bright kitchen; all white kitchenStyling in the kitchenIMG_6481IMG_6464 Bohemian modern decor with rattan and plants

Finishing this project in five weeks was definitely a challenge, but seeing the room come together has been incredibly satisfying. Those of you who have followed this blog for a while know that we just moved into this house three months ago, and since then we’ve spent a lot of time making and living in messes. In the few days since we wrapped up the project, we’ve SO enjoyed spending time in a complete, clean, and beautiful space that really feels like us. I love everything, but the green floors are obviously the pièce de résistance. They’ve got to be one of the best decisions I’ve made, maybe ever.

From the beginning, I’ve really emphasized that we were doing this makeover on a budget, with the goal of staying under $400. Even though we doubled the amount of tile we installed, I’m happy to say we made it! Here’s how it all broke down.

  • Wall paint – Leftover from living room
  • Cabinet paint – $21
  • Floor paint – $35
  • Polyurethane – $50
  • Spray primer for brick – $4
  • Cabinet hardware – $5 ($85 paid – $80 made from selling our old hardware)
  • Plexiglass for cabinet doors – $21
  • Silicone for installing plexiglass – $4
  • Trim for installing plexiglass – $20
  • Subway tile – $80
  • Tile saw – $50 (split purchase with friend)
  • Tile grout – Had from previous project
  • Tile adhesive – Had from previous project
  • Over-the-sink light – $15
  • Flush mount LED lights for sunroom – $60
  • White outlet receptacles and switch plates – $15
  • Microwave – $-40 (Yes, we made money on the microwave by selling our over-the-range model and buying a less expensive countertop model.)

Which comes to a grand total of $340!! Obviously I feel awesome about the investment we made in this space and the bang we got for our buck.

It’s pretty obvious, too, that this project would never have gotten off the ground without Justin’s tireless, unflagging help and support. You cannot even imagine how much I have talked out loud, hogged the computer, decided things, undecided things, bought stuff, returned stuff, left paint brushes in the sink, left power tools in the rain (they still worked though), and NOT cooked suitable food over the last five weeks (while constantly adding more tasks to the project). So thanks very much to my lovely, saintly husband.

And thanks to everyone who encouraged me here! This was my first time participating in the One Room Challenge, and I had a blast! I’ve already decided on the room I’ll be making over for the fall edition of the challenge, so now I have an excuse to procrastinate on it for the next 5 months. 🙂

Now get on over to Calling it Home and check out lots more amazing reveals. If you haven’t checked out any of the other projects before, today is definitely the day!

Kitchen Update | One Room Challenge Week 5


All of a sudden it’s Week 5 of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda at Calling it Home. When we started this project, Justin wished farewell to April, and I have to admit, it’s flown.

Thanks to everyone who commented and sent good vibes during our time of need last week–you propelled us over the hump, and we got SO MUCH done. I’m really excited to show you everything in the big reveal. Can Week 6 GET HERE ALREADY?!!

(PS – If you missed any of the other updates, see them here: Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 )

Here’s some of what we accomplished last week:

New sun room lighting.

Affordable flush mount LED lighting

Our original plan called for recessed lighting to replace our tragic ceiling fans, but in the spirit of less cost, less mess, and less chance of disrupting potential asbestos (we have untested popcorn up there), we ended up going with a very low profile flush mount LED light. These puppies were only $30 a piece at Home Depot, and they look about 80% like can lights anyway. The ceilings in the sun room are kind of low, so I just wanted something to blend in, and these fit the bill. They’re really bright, too. Definitely a good substitute.

Plexi-glass cabinet inserts.

Installing glass front cabinets with plexi glass

Our two remaining cabinet doors (the ones that go on either side of the sink) got plexi-glass inserts installed. There are lots of good tutorials out there, but I used the one here at Confessions of a Serial DIYer. The plexi-glass was kind of tough to cut, but all in all the project wasn’t too bad, and the cost for two fairly large doors was only about $35.

Completed back splash installation.

Sheets of small subway tile

Justin took off work last Friday and spent almost the whole day finishing the back splash tile. I think I wrote before that these subway tile can be cut with nippers, and that is technically true, but I’m told it is also very laborious and annoying to do it this way. In the end, Justin ended up buying a small tile saw with a friend. It was $50 to rent the saw for 8 hours at Home Depot and only $100 to buy it, so the two of them split the cost and now have it forever for about the same amount. Pretty savvy.

Completed FLOORS!

Painting hardwood floors; green floors

We finished the floors, and yes–they look amazing. After lots of reading, I determined that priming your floors before painting is really only necessary if you are dealing with raw wood. So after sanding and cleaning thoroughly (for me this meant vaccuming obsessively with a shop vac), we put down two coats of floor paint and two coats of polyurethane. I ended up opting to use poly for three reasons–added shine, greater durability, and ease of cleaning. After seeing/feeling the difference from adding the polyurethane, I definitely think it was the right move. The pic above was taken before the poly. Even with a satin finish, the floors looked quite matte.

**An important note to anyone who might be interested in painting your floors: You MUST use a water-based poly if you’re using a latex floor paint. I didn’t see this information in any of the articles I read, but luckily the helpful dude at Sherwin Williams clued me in me. Apparently you can use latex-based paint over oil-based, but not the other way around.**

The one thing left on the project to-do list is to grout and seal the tile. Other than that, all we really have to do is move the furniture back and get the place styled up. I’m planning to move the desk that was originally next to the cabinets to the other side of the sun room and bring in a pair of these excellent vintage rattan chairs I picked up recently.
Vintage rattan chair; Albini style chair

With all the physical labor needed in the kitchen, I haven’t totally worked out all my styling choices, but I’m looking forward wrapping up the next week with some fun stuff.

Now get on over to Calling it Home and check out the other participants! And don’t forget to check back next week for all the exciting reveals!

Kitchen Update | One Room Challenge Week 3


It’s week three of the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling it Home, and that means the challenge is officially half way over. The kitchen is coming along, but we still have so much to do!

At the end of last week, I set the goals of finishing painting the cabinets and tiling the back splash (PS – if you missed weeks one and two, see them here and here). We didn’t quite make it, but we’re getting closer. The cabinets are ALMOST finished. I have only five doors left out of 27, and I give that a hallelujah!


The tile project is still ongoing, but I have a good feeling about it getting done this week.

One small but important project we did tackle this week was re-casing the kitchen window and installing a new over-sink light. This turned out to be one of those seemingly simply tasks that ends up taking way longer than you imagined.

Here’s what we had to contend with when we took down the old tube light.


The casing had been cut into to fit the light, so it had to be replaced so that we could install this Ikea light.

A word to anyone who might consider this light (which I would recommend, because for $15 it’s pretty darn cute)–there is no room inside the mount to house the wiring, even though it looks like there would be. The design hinges on you having an electrical box inside the ceiling, so Justin had to drill into the cabinet above and install one. He also suffered a flesh wound cutting the window casing.


I’m a total weenie when it comes to splinters, so I was freaking out over this, but Justin very calmly removed it AFTER finishing installing the window. When we first met, Justin wowed me by showing me a trick where he put a pencil in his ear and pulled it out his nose–almost 8 years later, he still knows how to impress. 🙂

We still have a few touch ups to go, but the window is looking great!


I also (finally) managed to settle on a floor color this week. Last week I set out a few options for paint colors, but naturally I didn’t end up going with any of them. Instead I got the idea that I needed the color that had been in our bedroom at our last house (Valspar Frasier Fir). It turns out Lowe’s no longer carries the swatches for Valspar Signature and has new Sherwin Williams displays instead. So I grabbed Sherwin Williams Green Kale, and I think it’s going to be perfect. Here it is next to last week’s color front runner, which turned out to be too bright, and too blue.

Floor paints

You can get an even better sense of how it will look here.


The darker color works better, don’t you think?

I’m looking forward to leaving the cabinets behind and moving onto other projects this week. Here’s what we have left from the original plan:

  • Put glass or plexiglass inserts into to the upper cabinet doors around the windows.
  • Finish installing a subway tile backsplash.
  • Paint the floors
  • Scrape the ceilings
  • Replace the sunroom ceiling fan with recessed lighting.

I’m also excited to see what the other linking participants are up to this week. Don’t forget to check out lots of other projects here!

Kitchen Inspiration: Painted Floors


Alternate title: My Kitchen Sucks, and Why That’s Kind of Awesome

The first time I was in our new kitchen, I felt like it was a pretty decent kitchen. With different paint on the walls and cabinets, it could even be a great kitchen. Fifty bucks, one trip to Lowe’s, one weekend with a paint brush–golden.

And then inception happened.

That’s the only explanation for how I thought the unthinkable thought that this perfectly good kitchen should be gutted.

IMG_5847 IMG_5848

Well, that’s not entirely true. It’s actually entirely false. There is a logical for explanation for how I came to that conclusion, and it’s that I looked around. I started to notice things.

I noticed, for instance, that the counter tops are kind of low-end, and they don’t fit totally precisely into the space (there are gaps in places between the counter tops and the wall, for example). I noticed that the cabinets are old, and some of the shelves are bowing. The layout of the cabinets also needs help. There are no drawers at all in the main kitchen area, so we have to go into the sun room to access our silverware. Excepting the microwave, all the appliances are dated. The the refrigerator not only stores alcohol, it’s also old enough to legally consume it. The wine chiller flat out doesn’t work, but if we take it out, we’re left with a big ol’ hole–and really, we don’t need a wine chiller (and definitely not a hole), we need some more drawers!

None of this makes the kitchen terrible, but slapping some paint on it isn’t going to do the trick. Generally speaking, if you make good choices where style, function, and cost are concerned, a kitchen reno is a good home investment, so we’re going for it!

In a few years. Even a proud penny pincher like me can’t turn a $50 budget into $10,000 overnight.

Which leads me to my inspiration! Since we have to live with the kitchen as is for a while, of course I want it to look good. As it turns out, a kitchen that kind of sucks and needs to be gutted actually comes with an unexpected perk–stylistic freedom! Most homeowners would probably agree that renovation choices are made partially with resale in mind, and sadly, what prospective buyers might think puts a damper on a lot of awesomely creative and individual style choices. But when you know that a choice is temporary, you can do anything you want, and what I want is to paint my wood floors! Because aren’t these rooms fabulous?

(credit: Remodelista)

(credit: Residence mag)

(credit: Remodelista)

(credit: Holly Marder via houzz)

In a way, a painted wood flooring breaks one of my own decorating rules. Generally speaking, I subscribe to the idea that quality wood in good condition should not be painted. However, my floors aren’t great quality or in great condition, so they’re ripe for technical exemption from this rule. Plus, if they’re probably going to be removed in a few years anyway, it’s not totally sensical to preserve them in pristine condition up to the point that they’re torn out, right?

We’re going to stick with a white/cream palette elsewhere in the kitchen, so I’m really excited about the impact a colored floor could make! To see more painted floors in funky, fresh, and fabulous colors (and patterns!), hop on over to my Pinterest board.

Do you like the look of painted floors, or would you ever consider it in your own house?

PS – If you missed the grand tour of our new house, it’s still here, right where I left it. Which is a lot more than I can say for my keys, socks, or chihuahuas. Isn’t the internet lovely like that?