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Happy Feet + Happy Floors with Rug Pad Corner

This post was created in collaboration with Rug Pad Corner. Thoughts, opinions, and cute dogs are of course solely my own. 

Beneath every good rug is a good rug pad. I don’t know if this is actually true, but it should be! The other side of this is obviously that on top of every good rug is a good dog. ūüôā


As you guys know, I love rugs, and I have a small collection that I try to grow whenever I’m lucky enough to find a great deal. When you’re starting out decorating a home, a rug pad isn’t necessarily the first “must-have” that comes to mind. However, it is one of those things that once you have experienced¬†the difference (in this case between a non-padded and a padded rug), it’s hard to go back to your old ways. This is not to mention the fact that rug pads¬†protect your floors (super important to me because I know what it took to refinish them!) and keep your rugs from migrating slowly across the room.

That’s why, when Rug Pad Corner reached out about reviewing one of their rug pads, I was eager to team up. I believe in supporting and promoting companies with good business practices, and Rug Pad Corner is one of them. Their rug pads are made in America out of 100% natural, recycled materials. No chemicals, glues, or adhesives are used, so there’s no nasty off-gassing, and they’re totally safe for little people and animals (you too, of course). Rug Pad Corner even donates a portion of every order to charity!

But most importantly, their rug pads are really nice. For this review, I got a combination felt/rubber rug pad. It is safe for any kind of floor, and works great on our wood floors. It’s reversible and can be used on hard flooring or carpet. It came with instructions indicating that on wood, the rubber side faces¬†down, and on carpet, it faces up. Very smart.

rug pad

It was an instant hit with all involved. It even managed to bring these two scrappy girls together for a moment.


For something that was shipped folded, there was basically no flattening time. I let it out of the bag, put down the rug, and called it a day in about¬†5 minutes total (figuratively speaking…I think it was only about 9am at the time).

Another awesome thing about Rug Pad Corner is that they custom cut every rug pad based on the size of your rug. So if you have an oddly sized rug like many vintage rugs are (the one for this room is 6’7″ x 10″6), the rug pad will be a perfect fit from the minute you roll it out.

(PS, if you follow me on Instagram then you know a little about our latest project, but if not, here’s what’s up–Justin built us a window seat! More updates to come).


At 1/3″, the rug pad is super comfortable. And you can obviously see just how cushy it is, because as soon as¬†the rug was down it instantly became a prime¬†napping location.


We’ve had it down for about a week now, and I’m so¬†happy with it. I still get surprised at how much nicer it feels to walk on, and it’s good, too, to know we’re protecting the hard work done on our floors. Because lawd knows that is not a project I want to tackle again any time soon!


I would highly recommend Rug Pad Corner to anyone looking for a high quality, eco-friendly rug pad. The 7’x11′ Ultra Premium rug pad in this review retails at $137 with free (and fast!) shipping. You don’t have to take my word for it, though, there are plenty of other glowing reviews on their web site, so check them out!

And by the way–Rug Pad Corner is offering 15% off your rug pad purchase using the code REVIEW15.

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